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    March 21, 2013
    7:00 - 8:59am PDT  

>> let's quickly check in with sal. >> that's right backed up to the mc arthur maze. we had just a lot of crashes yesterday. today, dry and clear and the traffic is responding accordingly. let's go to the livermore valley. slow traffic coming in to the main part of livermore. >> still low clouds pushing south. mostly sunny here today. pretty soon. highs today 50s, 60s. >> coming up next on mornings on 2. some big questions surround a serious crash. what police are telling us this morning. >> you've been watching our live reports over the past 30 minutes. what's cooking right now at a south bay bakery. stay right here with us.
we're live in san francisco's west portal neighborhood where one woman is fighting for her life after being struck in a crosswalk. police say it was foggy but one neighbor says that was no excuse. >> a bay area baseball coach is facing serious charges and why
this investigation is far from over. >> yet another threat at a bay area school. this time on the peninsula. how the police are responding. >> reporter: and we're live in coopertino where dozens of people camped out to get something for free 365 days out of the year. mornings on 2 starts now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome to mornings on 2 i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it is thursday march 21st . an elderly woman is in the hospital after she and her husband were run over by a truck. tara is live where the crash happened. >> reporter: good morning. that woman is in critical condition fighting for her life. getting an idea how busy this
intersection can be. this is where it happened in one of these four crosswalks right here. it's very busy. muni comes through here . it looked like this last night although obviously darker and a lot more fog. it was pretty dense and authorities say that is what contributed toward the accident. happened off west portal avenue at 9:40 last night. a pick-up truck hit an elderly couple. the man was okay, his wife was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. in the fog, they want to remind folks to drive slowly. but despite the fog, people say drivers simply need to slow down. >> i'm really worried about this intersection right here cause i go over here everyday. i'm afraid everybody's trying to get through the light. i'm afraid i'm going to get hit right here. >> doesn't surprise you? >> no, not at all. >> the truck driver did stop. he stayed on the scene after the
crash. police say there were several accidents last night. many of them because of the fog. and police want to remind you to treat the fog as you would the rain. visibility is pour. allow more braking distance and slow down. ktvu channel 2 news. >> a power outage in san francisco knocked out the lights to 3500 customers and began just before 2:00 a.m. right now only about 163 people are still without power. and pg&e crews are still on the scene. power should be fully restored by 10:00 a.m. they do not know what caused the problem but there are reports of a burned power pole. police are looking for a teenager in connection to two bold robberies. in the area of 19th and san antonio streets.
investigators say the suspect used a pocket knife to rob two different men. one victim was slashed. the other was hit in the head. both victims were rushed to the hospital but not seriously hurt. and new this morning, firefighters say a space heater may have sparked a fire in a mobile home park in san jose. the fire broke out around 4:30 this morning in the manner mobile home park and knocked down a short time later. no one was inside. >> time is 7:03. happening right now dozens of people are standing in line right now for a chance to win free bread for a year. it's happening at the new budine bakery. show us how long that line is out there. and how long some people have been waiting. >> reporter: there are about 100 people in line and all of them are guaranteed a free loaf of bread 365 days out of the
year. one of the first people in line came from sacramento. people are huddled out here. i also wanted to take a look at what 365 loafs of bread looks like. here it is. all these people are going to actually be getting coupons for a free loaf of bread everyday of the year. this is worth about $1500. i want to go inside and show you this brand new restaurant opening up here in cupertino. this is the very famous boudin bakery. it's the oldest longest running business out of san francisco. there are 100 people waiting outside just to taste your bread and get it free for a year. why is it so good? >> we're delighted. we're baking the same loaf of bread in san francisco.
it just fits perfect to what we're doing. the first person in line actually goes to the food bank here to the second harvest which helps here to help to the community service. at the same time, we're having now this great menu. this wonderful loaf of bread that boudin makes with burgers and salads. it's incredible. >> i see a lot of activity going on behind you. you've been practicing since saturday. tell me about what's so good about the bread and what does this take? >> we brought in the mother loaf from san francisco and we started baking the same loaf of bread so getting the bakers trained. we're baking as fresh as possible. all the people are screaming waiting for the loaf of bread. so everybody's so excited knocking on the window. it's almost ready. it's so warm inside here. >> it sure smells good.
thank you so much master baker here at boudin bakery. the doors open here at 10:30 but all these people waiting outside will get one of these tins which inside are those coupons for a free loaf of bread for an entire year. ktvu channel 2 news. >> time now 7:06. president obama continues his middle east trip today. schedule with both palistinians. the two held a joint news conference. deserve independent and sovereign state. >> the european central bank is giving cypress until monday to come up with a new plan to raise funds to avoid bankruptcy. cypress government leaders are
scrambling to come up with a plan b after the parliament rejected a plan to seize up to 10% of people's bank accounts. the government ordered banks to stay closed until tuesday now to prevent people from withdrawing all their money. but atms are still operating with withdrawal limit. >> the issue, the people of california care about most right now: the economy. >> 71% of likely voters say getting control of the federal deficit should be the top priority for congress this year. 52% say immigration reform is a top issue. 42% say new gun control policies are the most important issues. and 33% say efforts to combat climate change should be the priority. >> 7:08. we know what sal's priority is keeping a close eye on traffic.
>> okay. right now we are looking at a community much better than it was yesterday. we have slow downs obviously. let's take a look at the bay bridge. earlier minor crash. didn't last for too long. but the metering lights were turned on and slowed down for a bit. so it's a little worse than it normally is. backed up to the mc arthur maze. 30-35 minute delay. if there are no other problems on the bridge, this will begin to wind out and by 8:00 see an improvement. this morning's commute has been busy on 880 between hayward and fremont. we're talking about the livermore valley as well. westbound 580 slowing coming in over the pass. but no problems into castro valley. let's go to steve. >> thank you. mostly clear. patchy low clouds. they are going north to south. they'll eventually clear out. our
system from yesterday is moved into southern california. much lower pressure down there. higher pressure up here. a little breezy. although the wind seems to have tailed off. san francisco sitting at 46. a high of 59 today which is slightly below average. closer to 64 tomorrow. today even though sunny, a breeze will take the edge off. if you can get a north wind, that will help. patchy low clouds. clear breezy for some. not for all. pretty good breeze on the higher elevations. sunny today and that wind will pick up. one system moves out and high pressure moves in. north to south and that's taking things out of the picture. lake port 36. monterio 39. petaluma 40. a little chilly there. i'd say so. it's 40 there. upper 30s for na pa airport. and santa rosa's in there.
and low cloud deck keeping temperatures in the mid 40s. concord, walnut creek. 41. 39 r eno. cold windy. pretty chilly and that breeze will make it down to southern california. sunny side up for the next 3 to 5 days. sunny and breezy. patchy low clouds getting chewed up. westerly to northwesterly breeze. 66. alameda 62. 65 san jose. and san board of arbitration r bruno, 65. but pacifica at 58. sunny and warmer. most of the sunday does look cooler next week. >> it is 7:11. a man claims a sink hole drained a pond on his property. mark says he went to
bed sunday night with a pond still in his backyard and this is what he woke up to next morning. all that's left behind is mud. one professor says there is a lot of mining in the area and an under ground cavity might be to blame. >> the city of san francisco has come up with a way to deal with chronic public drunkenness. repeat offenders would get arrested and thrown into county jail. then given a choice of trial or go to rehab. san diego launched the program. categorizes repeat offenders as those who get five drunk citations in a month. san francisco's program may well begin in may. >> 7:11. a rather weighty debate. why a drug store chain is requiring employees to do monthly weigh ins. >> tiger woods known for being seriously protective of his privacy explains why he released photos of him and his new girlfriend.
still some patchy low clouds towards parts of the peninsula. san jose mainly. breezy once we get rid of these clouds. highs below average. 60s inland. >> it is 7:14. we are hearing the cia may be getting out of the drone business. according to the daily beast, the cia may no longer be involved in using drones to carry out targeted attacks against suspected terrorists. the drone program is being shifted to the defense department. according to the report, the idea is to toughen criteria which have been highly criticized. president obama is spending time with both palestinians and israelis. trying to get leaders
to start peace talks. >> peace talks stalled three years ago. first trip to the region since then. and leaders say his visit could help move things in the right direction. president obama held a joint news conference earlier this morning with palestinian president. he's encouraging leaders to talk directly. didn't provide new ideas on how to spark negotiations. extremists keep talk going strong. president obama talked about how hard it can be to set politics aside and admit the need to compromise. for the sake of the people in the region, he says it's necessary. >> going to have to be willing to breakout of the old habits, the old arguments to reach for that new place. that new world. >> reporter: president obama promised u.s. support and his support to get these
negotiations started again. and israeli's prime minister as well as palestinian president said they want to work together toward a two state solution. president obama is speaking again in about 45 minutes. this time he's back in jerusalem. >> all right. our time is 7:16. back here at home a man from oakland found guilty of killing a man who come to the bay area to apply for a job at google plans to appeal that verdict. 26-year-old george hug ins faces life in prison. killed a 45-year-old engineer from virginia during a robbery in 2010. the victim was in oakland for a teeth cleaning appointment the day before a job interview at google. police say he stole $17 from the man and shot him three times. later today a woman accused of kicking a small child is due
back in court. this comes after last week's court arraignment was delayed when she started screaming in the courtroom. >> [ screaming ] >> 24-year-old sabrina bell is facing charges. she kicked the child to the ground for no apparent reason. a bus driver in florida pleading not guilty to charges of aggravated child abuse for kicking a special needs child. yesterday in court prosecutors released this video. this was shot last october. showed an 8 year old girl trying to get off the bus when the driver says it's not her turn. in response the girl slaps and pushed wilkerson. shows her kicking the girl down the stairs. she fell and fractured her ankle. >> it's horrendous. to think that somebody who works with
kids all the time does this. she should never work with kids again ever. >> now, after kicking the girl, she gets back in the driver's seat. the camera sees her eating and driving with one hand. in addition to facing charges, she was fired by the school district. >> it could soon be illegal to light up in palo al to's smaller parks. recommend the city ban smoking in all parks that are less than five acres in size. that would cover as many as 22 of the city's 38 parks. two public meetings before it goes to the full council. employees at one of the nation's biggest drug store chains must disclose their weight or pay more for health insurance. employees must report health information including weight to its insurance carrier or pay an extra traffic $50 a month. employees must also report body
fat and blood pressure levels. critics say the requirement is a violation of privacy and could lead to discrimination against over weight workers. cvs says it will not see the results of the screenings. >> san francisco mayor ed lee wants to reshape the south market district in order to keep high technology companies in the bay area. wants to tear down the section of interstate 280 near 16th street. create a 30 acre development featuring housing, commercial businesses and restaurants. bay area cities seem to support the idea because its enticement to keep companies from moving out of the area. silicon valley is facing really fierce competition for high technology jobs. an employment web site lists the five fastest growing metro areas in the country for it jobs. they include st. louis, charlotte, austin, phoenix and
detroit. the reasons include according to the study, low cost of living and tax breaks in special programs encouraging businesses to move there. >> it is 7:20. tiger woods is now explaining his decision to share photos of him and new girlfriend lindsay vohn. posted professionally shot photos of the two of them together. woods says it was to devalue any first photos of the couple the paparazzi would have tried to get. the photographers are ruthless and put his children in danger. if you live on the peninsula, you will have a chance today to see the world series trophy. the san francisco giant's trophy tour stops at the san mateo city hall between 1 and 3 this afternoon. both the 2010 and 2012 trophies will be on display. the giants open the new season against the dodgers in los angeles coming up
april 1st. the first home game is friday april 5th and that will be against the st. louis cardinals. >> a lot of people are ready. >> time is 7:21. patches of fog outside . look out our window. yeah. it's fog. clear skies are just ahead. steve is coming back. he'll take a look at your weekend weather and the forecast for your neighborhood. >> a california beekeeper says he is out thousands of dollars after someone made off with some of his bees. >> good morning. if you are driving on highway 4, you see slow traffic here. update on the morning commute and bay area weather.
it is 7:23. our recent warm weather could boost the number of west nile virus cases this year. could mean we'll see more mosquitos this year and earlier than usual. several counties
and cities are launching mosquito awareness campaigns. there was a search reported last year and 19 californians died. more than twice as many as the year before. >> 7:24. commercial beekeeper has been sg by thieves. somebody stole 80 of beehives from an almond orchard. and losing a few hives to thieves are quite common. this time it required a forklift and a flatbed truck. >> when they start stealing an entire truckload of bees, it's a set back. >> he will not get the $13,000 from the almond grower and the value of new beehives, he's out about $50,000. unfortunately, these kind of crimes are becoming more common.
>> 7:25. check in with sal. what are you starting with today? >> we're starting with the east bay but looking at everything. the mcarthur maze has been the top commute worry this morning. slow at the bay bridge because of the earlier problem. it really was a minor problem but turned the metering lights on slow to get the minor accident off the bridge and had a chain reaction. 35 to 45 minute delay which is about -- usually we have 25 minutes here. 20 minutes worse than normal. unless you are in the carpool lane. also the morning commute is low on 880 southbound from hayward to fremont but here in oakland it looks good. and if you are driving in the castro valley, traffic is all right. we mentioned it's slow at 238. slow traffic from pleasant hill to walnut creek. let's go to
steve. >> sunrise. under mostly cloudy skies . clouds are clearing north to south. it will be sunny. pretty good breeze a couple hours ago. tailed off a bit unless you are higher elevation or along the coast. it will be slightly warmer today. more so tomorrow but just the additional sun and north winds. couple degrees warmer. but still 37. santa rosa, napa. low mid 40s. fairfield 39. condord cord 42. they'd be even cooler. sunny. so 50s and 60 s on the temps. and does look sunny and warmer into the weekend. >> thank you. time is 7:26. new this morning, two police helicopters crash into each other in germany. the fierce windstorm that's suspected of causing the deadly
accident. >> reporter: police are patrolling one bay area school after a threat was made. the very latest in this on going investigation. >> and you can't have march without the madness. the ncaa tournament starts here in san jose. we'll tell you what you need to know. get your brackets ready as mornings on 2 continues. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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this morning police officers will be at a san mateo campus because of a specific threat. school is set to begin in about 30 minutes. and paul chambers is there now with more information on what led to the increase security at this school. good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning. there's increased police officers out here and been out here since 7:00 this morning. be greeting students and staff today. we're greated here by the superintendent to tell us what's going on and the purpose. good morning sir. >> we received a vague email threat posted on facebook. and what we're doing is working with the police department to make sure the schools are safe. >> and we have officers out here all day. how will that work? >> we will have officers here and security here for the future. >> how are you guys handling that situation? did you find it yourself? >> it was reported by a student they seen the posting and brought it to one of their
teachers and we turned it over to the police department to research. >> and once again what are you doing to keep students and staff safe? >> we have a large police presence on campus. we have increased security in other ways and hopefully the students and the families and teachers will feel safe. >> this is not a joking effort or anything whatsoever. >> no. >> what do you plan to do when you find out the person? >> our intent to be prosecute the person to the fullest extent. this is serious business and make sure the schools are safe and we have to stop this kind of activity. >> thank you very much for joining us this morning. this is not the only school that had added security. we're going to take look at video here. last week police patrolled foothill high school. since then several other schools have had to deal with similar issues including two in tracy and one in freement. the
students were tracked down. parents, you also might want to pay closer attention. in a lot of the cases, you also can get punished in these situations as well. as you heard, police officers will be out here all day and all morning to make sure this is a safe environment. we will try to bring more information to you at that time. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a baseball coach is wanted by police. 52-year-old joel coffman is facing 6 felony counts of -- molestation. runs a traveling baseball club for bay area teenagers. they say it is possible he has more victims. a warrant has been issued for his arrest. >> 7:33. grief counselors will be at lincoln high school to help students cope after a student was killed by a train.
16-year-old donye was ap student. he was killed tuesday when he was hit and killed by a cal train near virginia street. >> at this point in the investigation, there's nothing to indicate this was the result of foul play or an intentional act. >> friends are saying he often took a shortcut home right near the train tracks. already has warning signs to prevent illegal crossing and also had plans to put up fences even before his death. six people including four children were rushed to a hospital after a multi vehicle crash. 94th and international. a speeding driver who ran a red light appears to be at fault. a mother and her four children were in one of those cars. investigators say none of the injuries are life threatening. >> police are now investigating whether a stand off suspect was
killed by officers or self inflicted wounds. 11:30 yesterday morning, police received calls about a man waving a rifle outside a house. when officers arrived, the suspect who was not armed at the time ran inside. police say he later smashed a window and pointed a shotgun at them. that's when officers opened fire but unclear if the suspect shot back. >> it was kind of startling at first. it really was. hey, this is almost like a tv movie. the scenes you see on tv. it was like that . >> just before 3:00 p.m. police stormed the home, fired tear gas and rammed an armored vehicle into the house. the suspect was found dead inside. police say they know the person because they have dealt with him before. frjs the fbi released the photo of a bank robber. investigators have dubbed the man the hoody
bandit. described as 25 to 30 years old. five feet five to five feet 7 inches tall. the bandit is responsible for 3 robberies last month. that includes ahold up inside a safe way store on february 14th. >> time now 7:35. flight attendants plan to protest to allow small knives on planes. overturn the tsa decision. flight attendants are also asking passengers to sign online white house petition. allowing small knives on planes will allow those screeners to focus on looking for explosives. we are finding out about a shocking admission by the animal rights group pita. 90% of the animals handed over to
peta's shelter have been euthanized. last year alone, more than 1,000 cats and 600 dogs were put down. peta is telling the daily mail it had no choice because most of those animals were unadoptable. dozens of dogs are missing in southern idaho and think they may have been killed in a strange ritual. almost 40 dogs were reported missing since november in an area known as the magic valley. one german shepard was found stoned to death. others found with their mouths duct taped shut. think the dogs are using in ritual killings. >> today marks a historic anniversary for alkatraz. 50 years ago today the federal government shut down the prison. it was america's top maximum security prison for 30 years and
held such infamous inmates. it's now one of the bay area's most popular tourist attractions. it is march madness in san jose. basketball fans are heading to the ncaa basketball tournament. fans there are getting ready. >> reporter: good morning. first off, i'm sorry your hamilton college did not make the ncaa tournament. sorry about that. the excitement here rising in san jose at hp pavilion. the game's already posted there. getting ready for a big day here as the second and third rounds get ready here. fans from all over the country started coming a few days ago. so for many of the fans, it's one city to another. but for the city of san jose, this is good news in terms of economic
boost. hosted the tournament three times and each time generated millions of dollars of revenue. and this is great news for san jose's hotels and restaurants. there are some limited amount of tickets available. we are hearing the best way to get tickets is online. ticket prices range between $20 to $150. but for the fans, they say it is worth it. >> getting a team this big here, charted a whole flight for the band members and cheerleaders and everybody else. it's been so much fun getting here and being able to do this. >> reporter: now, if you were planning on coming out today, the first game tips off at 11:10 this morning with new mexico state and st. louis. then oklahoma state and oregon tips off around 1:40. then the game many fans are looking forward to cal and unlv scheduled for 4:27 this afternoon. and the night game for 6:57 tonight.
the best seat is always going to be at home. or dare i say at your home office. expect not a lot of productivity today at work. brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. >> and yeah the hamilton continental they are like decision 6. not exactly ncaa material. thank you, brian. >> time now 7:39. check in with sal. you are watching 237 and everything else. >> going to be a little slow this morning. got off to a slow start. but it's still better than it was yesterday. yesterday the roads were yet. and even though it's slow, the commute is moving better. fewer fender fenders than yesterday. 280 is normal getting into the valley. we are still better off than we were when it was raining. move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. today backed up for a good long wait. this is because of an earlier crash on the bridge. they have speeded up
the metering lights there or sped up is the proper way to say it. westbound is moving along through. if you are driving on highway 4 westbound, it's a little slow. 680 southbound out of pleasant hill getting busy now after 242 on the way down to walnut creek. let's go to steve. >> very good morning. patchy low clouds around most of those pushing south towards san jose area. it will be sunny today. it was really breeze ee a couple hours ago. and also along the coast. it will pick up. high pressure up here toward s increase ant city where our observer always checks in. 29 in la. it will fill it with breeze today. san francisco should be about 62 this time of year. 59 today. 46 at 7:00. it will be sunny.
a little more west or northwest breeze will continue. now, sunshine today, temperatures coming up a couple. the breeze will take the edge off. tomorrow looks warmer. today's more west to northwest. sunny today after the low cloud deck gets chewed up. going right along the coast. 35 calistoga. 43 hills burg with 37. valley ford. cool readings to the north. santa rosa. na pa as well. 37. walnut creek is close . 40. if it wasn't for the low clouds it would be cooler. 40s on the coast. 44 half-moon bay. 39 reno. tahoe at 30. 25 at truck truckee. and continue down to southern california. high pressure also right there. it
will be sunny for the next 3 to 5 days. maybe changes next week. forecast models aren't in sync. you have to believe the one that says no. i hope so. 50s and 60s cause we are running out of time today. normal highs this time of year 62-68. except by the coast where it is running cooler. upper 50s for some. redwood city 65. warmer friday and saturday. >> all right. 7:42. serious allegations about two members of the oakland city council. what a city audit found about the bidding process for the oakland army base. congress moves to avoid a government shut down. washington insider outlines the winners and the losers in the new spending bill. [ anouncer ] ihop is in time square to compare
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technology companies are leading the u.s. stock market lower in early trading. oracle is down sharply falling more than 9%. sharers are continuing their drop from yesterday when oracle reported a decline in sales. the dow currently down 77. the nasdaq down 24. s&p down 8. the labor department's latest job less claims report indicates the slow but steady improvement in the job market. 336 thousand americans filed for first time unemployment benefits last week. that's up 2,000 from the week before. fewer new claims that economists forecast and still near a five year low for initial filings. the house of representatives is expected to
approve a stop gap spending today. jamie dupree joins us from washington d.c. this is the budget for 2013 six months late. why the delay? >> reporter: you are absolutely late. five months and 21 days late to be exact. supposed to get it done by october 21st. that doesn't happen. here's your trivia for today. the last time law makers got the budget done on time was 1994 and only reason it happened that year i remember well. democrats got all their work done and out of town fast. they were worried about losing in the elections. didn't matter. the vote is going on right now to finish up the budget for this year. that should be approved. it embraces those automatic budget cuts. but it does give the military, the boarder patrol, the fbi, nasa and a few other agencies a bit more wiggle room and move
money around within their budget. that's just about to get approved. it was voted on and approved last night. >> so those are some of the winners getting the wiggle room. what about the losers? there's problems apparently for the faa. >> reporter: yeah, the faa, there was an effort to amend the bill, this budget bill to move money around within the faa budget so over 200 different air traffic control towers at smaller airports would not have to be shut down as soon as april the 7th. for whatever reason it was never really delineated and explained. the obama administration opposed it. if that had been on the floor, probably would have gotten 85 or 90 votes. for whatever reason, the democratic leadership would not agree so it never came up. they did not get extra wiggle room. also republicans brought up a plan that would have moved around $2 million and allowed
the white house to remove public tours. the democrats voted against that. so a little politicking from both sides as to what was being picked and how the winners and losers came out. >> now we have 2013 settled we can look ahead to 2014. any progress in that regard? >> yeah. voted 221-207 to approve the outline for next year. i don't like to call it a budget. it's just an outline that lays out the basics for what they want to do. the senate will have to approve their own outline. the democrats relying on a trillion dollars in new tax increases. republicans with zero in the way. they envision the gop getting rid of the spending. the democrats do not. i don't know where those two plans come together. these votes on the budget outline for next year, they are nonbinding and never have to be signed by the
president and starts the work in getting the budget bills done. >> and they are about to go on easter break. just got back from easter break. >> as i look up at the tv only 30 seconds left. the most dangerous place in america will be down the steps just outside the capitol here as the members jump in their cars and runoff to the airports. and won't have to be back until the week. >> stay safe. thank you. and you can find a link to jamie's washington insider blog on our web site. go to and pull down the news menu bar and politics page. >> right obama is back in israel after spending the morning with palestinian leaders in the west bank. president obama is making a speech. before the israeli people at the jerusalem convention center. let's listen.
>> i believe you will shape our future and given the ties between our countries, i believe your future is bound to ours. . >> this is part of the lively debate we talked about. this is good.
. >> you know, i have to say we actually arranged for that. because it made me feel at home. i wouldn't feel comfortable if i didn't have one heckler. i'd like to focus on how we and when i say we in particular, young people. can work together to make progress in three areas that will define our ties. security, peace and prosperity. let me begin with security. i'm proud the security relationship between the united states and israel has never been stronger. never.
more exercises in the militaries. more exchanges among political and military officials than ever before. help you retain your qualitative military edge. these are my opinions. these are facts. but to me this is not simply measured on a balance sheet. i know that here in israel, security is something personal. here's what i think about when i consider these issues. when i consider israel's security i think about children like oshotito who i met. children the same age as my own daughters. >> we have been listening live
to president obama live from jerusalem. he's speaking at a crowd touching on many issues talking about three main issues security, peace, prosperity. this is part of a lively debate and it actually made him feel at home to hear someone heckling but the crowd there looks like young people i believe you will shape our future. and again, we've listened to some of him live. if you look at these pictures, more details about what the president has been saying a little bit later on. >> our washington d.c. bureau is monitoring the speech i believe it's at the university. and coming up, more on the message president obama is giving to the people this morning. but what's interesting, he was early talking to the palestinian president and did criticize israel over restrictions saying
they deserve to have independent and sovereign state. he's really trying to talk to both sides. a story we'll continue to follow. more mornings on 2 right after this. hello?
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pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. check in with sal. what's happening at the toll plaza? >> this morning we have a big crowd. this is because of an earlier problem on the span westbound at the toll plaza is backed up for a good long way all the way out to the maze. this morning san francisco by the time you get there looks good. let's go to steve. >> mostly sunny, mostly clear. more so in the south bay which continues to have cloudy skies. overall sunny today. they'll burn off, sunny, breezy, highs 50s and 60s. >> time about 7:57. a lot of people making their summer vacation plans. how a meeting today could change your trip to a popular national park.
>> reporter: an elderly woman is in critical condition after being struck in a crosswalk. we'll tell you why police say that the weather played a role. >> reporter: how would you like a 365 loafs of this? that's what brought out dozens of people. we'll have the story when mornings on 2 continues.
welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm tori campbell. >> and i'm dave clark. a woman was rushed to the hospital in san francisco after a truck hit the woman and her husband last night. tara is at the scene. you've been there since 4:30 this morning and you are talking to neighbors about that very busy crosswalk. >> reporter: yeah. we spoke to a man who was in the coffee shop across the street after the accident happened. he said it happened in the crosswalk between the starbucks and the chase bank. unknown if the driver was turning or coming down a hill on the other side. the driver said it was foggy and he didn't see the couple in the crosswalk. the fog was pretty dense and authorities did say it contributed toward the accident. happened at 9:40 last night. investigators say a pick-up truck hit the couple in the crosswalk and while the man was
okay, his wife was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. despite the fog, people who live nearby say drivers need to slow down especially at this intersection. >> i think it's super fast. everyone in general goes right through here. i think it was okay. i don't think it was out of it. >> so it wasn't too foggy? >> no. it was just a normal night here. >> the truck driver did stop. and stayed on the scene after the crash. police say there were several accidents last night in the area because of the fog. so police want to remind you to treat the fog as you would the rain. visibility is poor, roads are slick. allow more braking distance and of course slow down. live from san francisco. ktvu channel 2 news. >> also in overnight news, a power outage in san francisco knocked out the power to more than 3500 customers. this started about 2:00 a.m.
near newhall street and lydia avenue. right now only about 163 people have no electricity. pg&e crews are still out there working. power should be fully back on by 10:00 this morning. so far they are still not sure what caused the problem. but we have seen and many reports about burned power poles. >> it is 8:01. a public meeting held today to consider drastic changes. a proposal by the national park service would ban bicycle and horse rentals and remove the ice rink. swimming pools at the yosemite lodge would also be torn out and rafting rentals would end. the changes come in response to years of lawsuits demanding the park be restored to natural setting. happening now dozens of people are standing in line for a chance to win free bread everyday for a year.
happening at the new boudin bakery. live at the bakery on steven's creek boulevard which is opening to the public today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i have to tell you it smells so good in here. if you look behind me, they are baking bread and getting it all ready. they are famous for their sour dough and 100 people lined up to get free bread 365 days out of the year. the process is actually really fascinating. i want to introduce you to the master chef. you say that this is the mother dough. let's show it. this has been in and i have thence for 164 years. i thought you were kidding but you were not. >> no. we have this since the gold rush era. everyday we take a piece of this save it here. so this becomes our sour dough bread. and that becomes bread.
here we'll mix it with flour and water and wait 24 hours and it grows again. so the same process every single day. >> and you even protected it when the earthquake happened. >> when everything burned out lewis, the wife she saved it on a bucket of ice until they were able to mix it with flour and water. >> fascinating. let's go outside and see how many people are out here. they are all waiting to get a free loaf of bread for 365 days of the year. they've been having zumba class out here to keep the people waiting and camped outside overnight. all these people some of them have been waiting since 5:00 p.m. yesterday. they fed them dinner gave them pastries and coffee. and you can see the master chef here is getting into it with all the people. very exciting for these people. i also want to show you
what 365 loafs look like. this is worth about $1500. so some of the people that we spoke out here, it truly helps them a lot to have this free bread. so a lot of excitement out here. the bakery opens up at 10:30 and the first 100 people in line will get free bread. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. >> i love it. the master chef doing zumba. >> he looks good. >> look at him. they love him out here. >> burning the calories before you eat some of the starch. >> wonderful. i love it. time now is 8:04. we love checking in with sal. he's not dancing. >> thank the lord i'm not dancing. just doing traffic here. the traffic is moving along relatively well. better than yesterday. we have slowing on highway 4 but it's improving.
still slow on 680 nearby. going to show you that in just a moment. let's go to the toll plaza. i want to show you that. busier than normal. this morning it's not. now it's about 30 minutes here. longer than it was. longer than it usually is because of an earlier crash. the crash wasn't serious but the back up has been. let's move along to what we talked about. the road sensors are glowing red down to walnut creek and down to river more, slow traffic in livermore and dublin. let's go to steve. >> still low clouds around. patchy low clouds. had a pretty decent breeze. west up to 20-25 miles an hour. calmed down a little bit but still be with us today. cold up to the north. 32 increase ant city 32 crescant city.
it will be slightly warmer today. we get rid of the cloud cover. a lot of sunshine. but the breeze will pick up. if we get enough of a north wind, that will help. some of the low cloud deck is north to south. filling in rather nicely or mostly cloudy down towards san jose. eventually that will burn off. you can see the low clouds zipping down the coast. helped along by a northwest breeze. 35. 36 lake port. valley ford in there . petaluma is close. reporting 30s. same for fairfield last hour. napa 39. walnut creek holding stead y at 40s. 44 in half-moon bay. 31 tahoe. r eno cold and windy. 39 degrees. that breeze will make it to southern california. high pressure looks like it will hang
around 4 or 5 days. patchy low clouds. westerly breeze holding court today. 50s and 60s on the temps. vallejo. castro valley 65. alameda 62. 67 morgan hill. fremont , 63. redwood city 65. and half-moon bay 59. warmer on friday, saturday . mostly sunny mild on sunny. a little cooler monday. >> time is 8:07. controversy surrounds a new campaign. antigay and mean spirited . some examples of the ads. they say the punishment of homosexuality is the death penalty. critics say he this pit the gay community against muslims. >> i think what she's doing is
trying to portray muslims and arabss as being antigay. >> muni says it does have to run the ads because of freedom of speech. begin appearing next month on 6 buses. >> an east bay group of scouts says the majority of its members support repealing the current ban on gays and lesbians. the is your bay of the mount diablo council found 81% of those who answered want lgbt individuals to be included in scouting. and 74% say if the policy changes, they would recommend scouting to a gay or lesbian friend. today gay marriage is being endorsed by the country's influential group of pediatricians. a stable relationship between parents regardless of their gender contributes to a child's health and well being. it is the first time this group has
spoken out about same sex marriage. marriage helps guarantee rights, benefits and long-term security for children no matter the sexual orientation of the parent. >> time is 8:09. new reports that indicate pope fran is suggested a compromise to gay marriage. met with leaders from a dozen different faiths. the new york times and the associated press reports when he was still a cardinal he propose the church support civil unions as a compromise to argentina legalizing gay marriage but that was rejected. >> police are searching for a gun man who robbed a best buy store. happened yesterday on a store on industrial road. walked into the store and asked a clerk to see cell phones. the suspect pulled out a gun, took the phones and ran off. he was last seen getting into a black bmw. a san francisco judge will decide whether to release a man
accused of trying to run over police with a stolen cab. peter russell faces charges. suspected of stealing taxi last friday morning. when officers tried to block him, they say he drove right at them clipping a patrol car. shot at him but did not hit him. the defense lawyer wants the $175,000 bail reduced or dropped entirely so he can recenter alcohol rehabilitation center. a bicyclist accused of hitting and killing a pedestrian is scheduled to be arraigned today. prosecutors say surveillance video shows chris ran a red light before hitting a 71-year-old man in a crosswalk last march. but a defense attorney says he entered the intersection before the light changed. is expected to enter a plea to a charge of felony
vehicle manslaughter. >> plus a big honor given for this classic song from the 1960s. ♪ >> there's some great powder in the mountains and now is the perfect time to visit. more snow expected so come enjoy the fresh tracks. log on for the latest snow levels, weather forecast and the latest information. before you head to the slopes, check out a new 4 x 4. so many models to choose from, safety and security of toyota.
still low clouds around.
sunny today. highs 50s and 60s. >> all right. thank you. time is 8:14. new this morning, bad weather is suspected causing two police helicopters to crash into each other. this happened in germany. >> the accident occurred in a windstorm and snow fall. a white house situation and this was near berlin's stadium. taking part in a police training exercise when the rotars hit one another. two suffered severe injuries. debris showered a sports field next to the stadium. >> two city council members are accused of interfering with a bidding contract. pam cook is in our news room. tell us about the report. >> reporter: received the
findings of 14 council members violating oakland city charter. does not name the council members but desley brooks and larry reid pressured employees to favor one company in the development of the oakland army base. they have denied the allegations. specifically the audit report found two council members directed last to work with one contractor for work at the oakland army base. the contract for demolition and work is said to be worth about $2 million. the audit also confirms interference at recreation centers. one council member even hired the people to work at a teen center without the required drug and criminal screenings. the email to us here says oakland city charter is clear. violations are considered a misdemeanor and a
conviction would result in forfeit of office. reporting live pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. >> time is 8:16. the commission that set salaries for california law makers will debate if they deserve a pay raise. slash the salaries of officials by 5% during the recession. still a survey released on monday found the california state law makers get the highest based pay in the country. the commission meets every year to determine if any changes should be made to the salaries of california elected officials. >> it is 8:16. a new survey finds fewer than half of voters support the state's high speed rail project at its current price tag. the poll by the public policy institute finds 43% of likely voters interviewed say they support the project at its current cost which is
estimated at $68 billion. back then, the cost was half about $34 billion. the california department of forestry and fire protection says it is delaying the collection of a fee that rural homeowners pay for fire protection. the $150 fee was approved by law makers in 2011 and affects more than 800,000 homeowners. the state sent bills out between last fall and winter but received petitions disputing the bill. a spokesman for the department says the agency must review the appeals before starting a new billing cycle. it appears the 49ers may get $30 million for new stadium in santa clara after all. a court judge ruled that money marked for the new stadium should not have been given to south bay schools. the 49ers sued to reclaim the money last
june. the case will not affect construction of the $1.2 billion stadium which is set to open next year. construction is being paid for through bank loans and nfl financing. >> napa, plans are being made now for a music festival. take place between may 8th and may 12th. performers include the black keys. alabama shapes and the flaming lips. about 35,000 people are expected. organizers say the event is going to force major street closures and other traffic problems in the area. simon and garfunkel's song and the twist. two of the songs being preserved today by the library of congress. >> ♪ >> total of 25 songs are being added to the national recording
registry today because of cultural artistic and historical performance. john f kennedy was assassinated. it was played after the september 11th attacks. other selections include pink floyd's the dark side of the moon. the original cast album of south pacific and the sound track to saturday night fever. >> 8:19. new evidence the universe was born much earlier than previously thought. a look into the split second after the big bang indicates the universe is 80 million years older than earlier theories. but the core concept of how it began and what it's made of are on the right track. scientists say the evidence -- to current expans in a fraction of a second. >> 8:20. will employees at one of the nation's biggest drug store chains now have to say how
much they weigh or pay more for health insurance. cvs says their employees have to report health information including their weight or pay $50 a month for health insurance. have to report their body fat and blood pressure levels. that requirement is a violation of privacy. could lead to discriminations against workers over weight. cvs says it will not be seeing the results of those screenings. >> touchy subject. 8:20. city leaders were concerned enough about a neighborhood meeting they actually called police. more on the topic officials thought might spark violence. >> looking outside at your weather. look at those skies. look at the sky . the clouds are what i'm talking about. we do expect blue skies. steve is coming back and tell you where
we'll have warmer temperatures along with sunshine. >> good morning. bay bridge incline. still have traffic unwinding from earlier issues. we'll talk about that and the rest of the morning commute straight ahead.
he welcome back. richmond police will start tearing down a run down house they say is the source of neighborhood problems. the property is on chancellor way. the homeowners moved out
about five years ago. a bank took it over. since then, the police say this property has been a magnet for crime. that demolition starts at 9:00 a.m. >> it is 8:24. extra police were called in just in case a meeting on affordable housing got out of hand. dozens of protestors gathered outside the meeting but said they would not take part in the meeting. they were angry about the views of citizen marin. the group that called the meeting. decisions about affordable housing should be made by homeowners because they have the most at stake. the protestors say that wreaked of racism and discrimination by class. >> what they do is they insight people to focus on these words and get stuck on the label. >> i'm a citizen of the county as well. i vote, i pay taxes. >> the crowd remained relatively calm. although, there were a few incidents of heckling
speakers. build 2,000 new units of affordable housing. >> 8:25. sal, everybody behaving for you at the toll plaza? >> i'd say so. but we were in an funk from earlier problems at the toll plaza. westbound we had earlier collisions on the bridge. much earlier. it was a minor accident that slowed the lights down. still very slow getting over to the maze and into the city about a 30 minute delay. the morning commute is going to be busy on the san mateo bridge. and on the peninsula the traffic looks good. also looking good over to highway 101. let's go to steve. >> we have patchy low clouds around and they'll burn off. mainly sunny in the north bay. dealing with patchy low clouds hanging tough there. high pressure to the north will burn things off. 30s though. really chilly this morning
especially north bay. but i know concord made it down to 42. and walnut creek 40. still a little chill in the morning air. we'll see sunny, breezy west and northwest winds. 50s and 60s about average to slightly below. tomorrow we'll warm it up. looks cooler next week. >> time now 8:26. deadly gunfire right near a bay area school. what homicide investigators are saying this morning. >> reporter: one bay area school after threat was put on students and staff. very latest in this investigation. >> reporter: and live in san jose where the madness will begin in a few hours. all the excitement in the ncaa tournament as mornings on 2 continues.
welcome back. time now is 8:29. just about 30 minutes ago classes resumed at aragon high school. police officers are out there controlling the campus. paul chambers, you've been there since 4:30 this morning talking to school officials about this extra security. >> reporter: that is correct, dave. school started a half an hour ago but as students and staff came to school they were greeted by beefed up detail many of which are still here at this hour. as students and staff came to school, there are san mateo officers all over the campus. this increase in security is due to threatening messages on an anonymous facebook page found yesterday morning. police haven't said what is contained in that
message but did say the threat was made to those on the school's campus. and that's why they are dedicating a large number of uniform and under cover officers to the campus. investigators are trying to determine the source of the threat. police and school officials say they can't do this alone and hope parents step up and take control. >> parents need to really pay attention to students and take an active part in helping us to make them understand the consequences. >> we can arrest them for charges such as criminal threats or making death threats. and there is some additional charges that have to do with the school and look at those as well. >> reporter: aragon isn't the only school to get added security. police patrolled foothill high school after a graffiti threat was found in a girl's bathroom. since then several other schools have had to deal with similar issues. and those three cases, the students were tracked down and
facing harsh punishments. parents, you might also want to pay closer attention to your children as the superintendent asked. in some cases, the parents can face punishment as well. there will be police presence or until the source of the threat is found. we're told definitely be here throughout the day. this officer out here has greeted many parents as he walked by and wishing the school and students a good day. a lot of parents are happy to see this increased presence. police officers are taking this seriously. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> time now 8:31. the government offering a reward up to $10 million for the capture of two american terror suspects. state department says the men are members of the al-shabab terror group. they may be planning attacks on u.s. one lived in southern california
before moving to samalia. >> police are investigating a deadly shooting near an elementary school. happened yesterday afternoon at william reed drive. police say none of the students nearby marsh elementary school were in danger. police have not released the victim's name. he was 20 years old and lived in antioch. he had a young daughter and trying to enlist in the marines. >> san jose police out there looking for a teenager. they happened last night just blocks away from each other in 19th and san antonio streets. the suspect used a pocket knife to rob two different men. one victim was slashed. the other was hit in the head. both victims were
rushed to the hospital but not hurt seriously. also new this morning, firefighters say a space heater may have sparked this fire in a mobile home park in san jose. this started about 4:30 this morning in the trailer in the manner mobile home park. it was knocked down a short time later. no one was inside that mobile home. time is 8:33. it is march madness in case you didn't know in san jose. college basketball fans are headed to the ncaa basketball tournament. also there is brian flores joining us live talking about the excitement and how the fans and the arena getting ready for it. >> reporter: hi, dave. you are right. lots of fans expected to be here. take a look this morning. you can see lots of crews getting ready setting up the lines and booths. and also promoting the four games on tap today to begin the second and third rounds for the ncaa
tournament here. fans from all over the country started coming a few days ago. some hours ago. so for many of the fans, it's just from one city to another. the city of san jose, this is an economic boost. hp pavilion has hosted three times in the past. and so that is obviously great news for san jose's hotels and restaurants. there are some tickets available. about 90% of the tickets are sold. only a limited amount available. the best way to get tickets is going to be online. ticket prices from what i saw range from $10 to $150 depending where you want to sit. for residents we talked with, the excitement is everywhere. >> they seem to be a unit. they are really working as a team. that's the last little segment i seen on them. the players were happy about how they make each other work as one unit. i
really think they have a chance. >> now, if you are planning on coming out to hp pavilion, calling in sick, i didn't say that, game is at 11:10 this morning with new mexico and st. louis. oklahoma state and oregon, 1:40. cal and unlv for 4:27 this afternoon. and the night game syracuse and montana at 6:57. the best seat is always at home or dare i say you may want to watch it at work. call in sick as well. i didn't say that. 2.5 new viewers are expected to watch the ncaa tournament. at least 90 minutes will be watched by unproductive workers and employers are scheduled to give out $147 million in unproductive workers. i didn't say anything ktvu
channel 2 news. >> there's some statistics on how much productivity is lost. but part of our job. got to stay on top of the news. let's check in with sal. i know you are keeping a close eye on a situation in 280. >> that's right. northbound 280 getting up to 880. perhaps you are going up to hp pavilion. not all that bad . slow traffic there. but nothing out of the ordinary. and today looking at the accident count. it is much lower than it was yesterday. we've had a few but nothing that major. 237 westbound at north first street, there is a new crash now. westbound bay bridge seeing some improvement. but still thick due to earlier problems. if you are driving on the freeway from hayward to fremont, slow traffic. about a 30 minute delay from 238. steve, you know there's also a
study that says march madness improves moral at the office. >> that sounds great, sal. yes, thank you. and i believe it. pes pesh especially if you win. much stronger earlier today . high pressure to the north. low pressure to the south. fill it with westerly northwesterly breeze. slightly warmer today. couple degrees by the coast around the bay. if we can get enough of a north wind would make a bigger difference. start off colder this morning. cloud cover kept temperatures in check towards the south bay. upper 30s and low 40s. peninsula 40s. sunny once we get rid of that low cloud deck. 60s for most today. these are right about where we should be. rather windy at times. and that breeze will turn northerly. sunshine and warmer weather into the
weekend. does look cooler into monday. >> 8:38. happening now. vice president joe biden is speaking about the need for stricter gun laws in new york. joined by new york city mayor michael bloomberg along with families of the victims of sandy hook. let's listen in. >> we have to pull together here and stop this carnage. there is a jewish proverb. if we ignore the horrors of the past, we are going to repeat them. but if we remember them and if we learn from them, we can redeem ourselves from their grip. that's why all of us are here today. we believe we have a responsibility to help free our country from the gun violence that takes lives and breaks hearts every single day all year round. what happened at sandy hook elementary school sent a shock wave across the country.
>> once again we're listening live to new york city mayor michael bloomberg talking about an effort to end gun violence. the vice president says the white house is not giving up even though dianne feinstein's bill will not be part of the legislation. however, the senator's bill could still come up for a vote as an amendment. a man was arrested on charges of brandishing animal antlers. booked into the jail on $50,000 bail. sheriff's deputies say he appeared to be under the influence of drugs and caused a smoegs. authorities say he grabbed an antler and screamed at officers to shoot him. he surrounded an hour later. the aclu is challenging the state of san francisco on
cell phone privacy. january of last year bob was arrested during a protest in san francisco. he says police handcuffed him, took his cell phone and started looking through his private messages. >> my cell phone had nothing to do with why i was arrested. we shouldn't give up our right to privacy. >> yesterday he and the aclu filed a lawsuit against san francisco. they want to prevent police from searching cell phones without a warrant. right now this is legal under federal law but this is the first time the issue has been raised under california law. san francisco has 30 days to respond to the lawsuit. >> 8:40. big changes are coming to the tonight show. new reports say when jay leno retires, jimmy fallon will be the new host. the network says still hasn't signed a deal with jimmy fallon and no
timetable for the changes. but insiders say it's going to happen before the fall of next year and a new york studio is already being built. new zealand joining the list of countries that are upset about the oscar winning movie argo. claims new zealand diplomates declined to take in a group of americans after the u.s. embassy was stormed after the revolution. passed a motion saying the movie misled the world. canadians are also angry that one of the diplomates was not portrayed. about a billion viewers every month check out something on youtube. video viewing web site crossed that threshold five months after facebook announced online social network reached 1 billion for the first time. google by the way owns youtube. that gives it another channel for selling online ads besides
internet search engine. >> 8:42. a strong message from president obama in a speech to israelis. >> it is not pair a palestinian child cannot grow up -- >> how president obama responded to a heckler in the audience. >> we'll tell you why a viewer is suing dr. oz.
8:45. stocks are falling on wall street today. technology stocks dragging the indexes lower after oracle reported a decline in sales. oracle stock is down over 9%. taking a live look at the big board the dow down at 23. the nasdaq hit hard down 18. almost a half percent. and the s&p down 3. the other problem dragging down the markets, the european central bank is giving cypress to come up with a new plan to raise funds to avoid bankruptcy. scrambling to come up with a plan b after soundly rejected a controversial plan to seize up
to 10% of people's bank accounts. the government ordered banks to stay closed until tuesday now to prevent people from withdrawing all their money. atms are still operating with withdrawal limits. there is a new poll that says the issue californians care about the most is the economy. 71% of likely voters say getting control of the federal deficit should be the top priority for congress this year. in comparison, 52% say immigration reform is the top concern. 42% say new gun control policies is the most important issue and 33% believe efforts to combat climate change should be the priority. >> 8:46. up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you. a woman's in critical condition after a truck hit her and her husband last night in san francisco. police think the fog and low visibility may have been a factor.
the driver did stop after the accident. he has been cooperating with police. police searching for a baseball coach charged with molestation. joe coffman coached baseball and runs a traveling baseball club. police say he's accused of molesting one teenager and secretly filming another one. a warrant has been issued for his arrest. >> the only way for israel to thrive as a jewish and democratic state is through an independent and valuable palestine. >> president obama did not mix words today in a speech to israelis. the president criticized israel about treatment of palestinians living in the west bank. >> reporter: dave, president obama wants israel to give palestinians their space but at
the same time he didn't make any immediate demands to move out of the west bank area. in a few hours, the president will be speaking again at a dinner hosted by israel's president. about 45 minutes ago when he was speaking to a crowd of mostly young students. >> the future is bound to ours. >> [ inaudible shouting ] >> no, no. this is part of the lively debate we talked about. this is good. >> president obama wants to get peace talk started between leaders. he held a joint news conference earlier today with palestinian president. both said it is time to start direct peace talks with israel. and just yesterday, told president obama israel is committed to a two state solution. israel and palestinian leaders have not
negotiated but admit compromise is needed. he says both parties deserve the same thing. >> young people can work together to make progress in three areas that will define our types. security, peace and prosperity. >> earlier today, israeli police said militants fired rockets at southern israel. protested against israeli policies burning flags and a picture of president obama. despite that opposition, both palestinian and israeli leaders will spark those peace talks. live in washington, ktvu channel 2 news. >> time now is 8:49. seismologists are worried some californians are becoming too complaisant about earthquakes. gave a 40 second warning before a 5.2 quake hit. scientists are
working on early detection system. one that would give up to a minute of warning. hospitals and emergency response workers say lives could be saved by having that extra time. scientists say they need more state funding to finish the project and worry extra money will not come until after that devastating earthquake. sonoma county will be testing tsunami warning next week. scheduled between 11:00 a.m. and 1 p.m. on wednesday. put up roadside message boards and fly a plane over the coast broadcasting information. residents who live along the coast get automated phone call. >> 10 minutes before 9:00. three oakland charter school s will be closed this year even after they've cut ties with their founder. ben chavez funneled nearly $4 million in school spending to businesses he owns. parent hz and students of the three american indian charter schools pointed out they
have some of the highest test scores in the district and begged to keep the schools open but the board rejected their request. dr. oz is being sued by a viewer who says he got bad advice from the tv doctor. the man says he suffered from insomnia. so he offered dr. oz's suggestion. put uncooked rice in socks and heat them in the microwave and put on the socks. he says he got third degree burns. >> time is 8:51. minutes away from the grand opening of a new bakery and a big give away. why people have been camping out to be first in line. >> reporter: good morning. traffic improving in the south bay. tell you more about the late morning commute straight ahead.
it is 8:54 and happening now, we are just minutes away from the grand opening of the new boudin bakery. live at the bakery on stevens creek boulevard where people have been camping out for a long time. >> reporter: yes, since 5:00 last night. they had tents and lawn chairs. you can see some of them standing in line. they are all waiting for this free bread. the first 100 people in line get a loaf of bread everyday for the next year.
and i want to take a look at what 365 loafs of bread looks like. you can see each of these people in the next five minutes will receive one of these tins over here. and inside one of these tins is coupons for them to get that bread. it's about a savings of $1500. i want to talk to one of those people in line. you are here from sunnyvale. why was it so important? >> i missed the sunnyvale opening and wasn't going to let it slip this time. so i came out. >> and i see here you are number 80. is it worth it for you? >> the free bread and the excitement. and it's fun to just give away free things. i'm going to give them all to my friends. >> i want to head inside to show you the activity here. it's going to open in five minutes. this is the second location. this is master baker behind you. and you can
see this whole kitchen area was completely busy with activity. they are winding down now and preparing since saturday. if you can look behind me, everybody here is waiting. very excited to open this new restaurant in cupertino. and of course everybody is happy to be getting their free bread, the first 100 people. and the first person in line, second harvest food bank, they'll be getting free bread for a year. ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you. 8:56. quickly check in with sal and see what's happening on the roads. >> we're looking at the toll plaza. it has not improved like we thought it would. still a 25 minute delay. also this morning, we're looking at san francisco, that looks good. the roads are much better today than they were yesterday. no major problems. and the morning comm